Penis Power pump MAX Vibrating - Black&Clear

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A vacuum pump designed for men who are looking for new possibilities. Regular use increases the size of the member and strengthens the erection. The high quality of the materials used in the production of the pump will make the use of the product pleasant, safe and long-lasting. The device is equipped with an efficient pump.
Regular training gives a stable and noticeable result. The air is pumped out of the cylinder by a convenient mechanism.
The size bar on the surface allows you to see the difference before and after the massage.
The pump is additionally equipped with a vibrating ball with adjustable speed, which significantly increases the pleasure of exercising.
A very convenient to use enlargement pump, thanks to which your penis can grow both in length and in diameter within a few weeks. Its operation is simple and results from the laws of physics - after inserting the member inside, pumping creates a vacuum. It, in turn, allows for faster and stronger filling of blood vessels with blood. Thanks to this, you will make your penis much more sensitive to any touch, you will be able to feel much more pleasure, and thus lead to an orgasm that you have never had before.
Material: Silicone / ABS

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