Excitation Arousal Gel 15ml

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It is common for us to go through days when we are not so willing to have sex or periods when our libido is low, whether due to medication use, depression or stress. With this in mind, Intt developed Excitation, a product designed to awaken female sexual appetite, providing more pleasure and disposition during intimate moments. With Excitation, you will be able to enjoy more rewarding and intense experiences in your sex life.

Excitation is an arousing gel carefully formulated for women who want to increase their sexual desire and maximize their chances of reaching orgasm. With its pulsating, vibrant and hot sensations, Excitation stimulates the clitoris and vaginal canal, providing greater excitement and lubrication. By increasing blood circulation in the intimate region, this gel significantly increases a woman's chances of reaching orgasm. Try Excitation and discover new levels of pleasure and satisfaction in your sex life

Did you know?
For a woman to reach orgasm, she needs approximately 200ml of blood flowing in the intimate region, which is why Excitation is a great ally to reach orgasm.


- Ginseng: Ginseng is a plant known for stimulating the production of estrogen, which has a positive effect on activating blood circulation. This stimulating effect contributes to increasing female libido and levels of sexual satisfaction. Ginseng is considered an ally for women who want to improve their sex life and experience a greater sense of pleasure and intimate satisfaction.


How should you use it?
  Excitation can be used in two different ways to obtain satisfactory results:

Daily use: To restore clitoral and vaginal sensitivity, as well as increase sexual appetite, it is recommended to apply 3 sprays of the product to the clitoris and vaginal canal before bed. This daily routine helps to intensify sensitivity and promote an increase in libido.
Occasional use: It is also possible to use Excitation at specific times, when you want a feeling of greater sexual excitement. Simply apply 3 sprays directly to the clitoris and vaginal canal before sexual activity to enjoy a more intense and pleasurable experience.

Both forms of use are effective in making the most of the benefits of Excitation and providing greater sexual satisfaction.
Who is it suitable for?
  For women who want more pleasure, excitement and orgasms in their daily lives.

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