Our intimate region is highly sensitive, with a large number of nerve endings that can offer innovative and extremely pleasurable sensations. Our liquid vibrator, Vibration, was developed specifically to stimulate these areas, providing an entirely new and exciting intimate experience. When using Vibration, you will be able to explore vibrant and stimulating sensations that will take your pleasure to a completely different level. Allow yourself to experience this new thing and enjoy intense and satisfying moments in your privacy.

 What is a liquid vibrator?
A liquid vibrator is a gel that, using natural plants from northeastern Brazil, provides a sensation of vibration when applied to the intimate region. In our line it is known by the name Vibration.

Vibration is an exciting unisex product that offers a unique experience of pleasure. When applied to the intimate region, it provides incredible sensations of vibration, pulsation and heating, taking your moment of intimacy to a new level. Its special components are formulated to offer these sensations for around 30 minutes, ensuring enough time to fully enjoy your experience. Allow yourself to explore completely new and stimulating sensations, making every moment of intimacy unforgettable with Vibration.

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